The Spring 2017 Lab

The Spring 2017 Lab
Rina, Mauro, Debs, Rob, Daniel

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Debs Gore-Lloyd
Rob Hicks
Mauro Moreno

Climate Change and Mushrooms

In PNAS, Håvard Kauserud et al. provide another case of fungal phenology shifts in response to changing climate. In Austria, Norway, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom they found that fruiting in Autumn was later and the season longer. Not surprisingly, that's not too different than the Gange 2007 Science paper focused on southern England or the Kauserud 2008 PNAS paper on Norway. In the current paper, they also find differences between the saprotrophs which widen their fruiting time and the Mycorrhizal fungi that have a relatively narrow fruiting time. How this translates to long term shifts in the forest ecology seems like a hard one to work out. How much does fruiting indicate growth, and how much does its duration effect spatial genetic patterns and evolution? It's nice to see the long years of record keeping paying off, and I hope we can find a way to effectively use this information in resource management and ecology in general.