The Spring 2017 Lab

The Spring 2017 Lab
Rina, Mauro, Debs, Rob, Daniel

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Debs Gore-Lloyd
Rob Hicks
Mauro Moreno

White-Nose Pearl

Here's a really nice Pearl of wisdom from David Blehert. PLoS Pathogens Pearls are great, and this one is close to home for us. The more people learn about this disease the more there will be a chance to stop it and others like it. There is a good bit of information in there. Like chytridiomycosis before it, White-Nose was a battle to get recognized as a fungal disease rather than just a fungal symptom. I sympathize and support the plea for continued recognition and praise for 'traditional culture- and histopathology-based laboratory methods', but I also think that with the swirling diversity of fungi out there and the ramp up of rapid DNA-based detection technology, we should seriously be considering how non-traditional methods might help find these fungal diseases of wildlife before they emerge. I do wish there was something in there about transmission, and a single map of spread might have been a nice inclusion in addition to the pretty (horrible!) pictures. Isn't the most terrifying thing about this disease how quickly it is destroying bat populations? I'd love to know what the population genomic data look like. Was this really a single introduction of a bad strain? from where? are there non-bat or even non-cave environmental sources?